Northwest Oregon partners Clatsop, Columbia , Tillamook and western Washington counties for economic development. Similar geographic, demographic, economic characteristics weave throughout the region. Overall coordination and direction for the region?s economic development is provided by the NW Oregon Regional Partnership, a consortium of public entities, private sector stakeholders and State agency representatives.

Col-Pac, the region's federally designated economic development district, maintains a Small Business Development Fund, manages Northwest Oregon's Commercial and Industrial Lands Database and provides technical assistance on industry and business development. Col-Pac primarily focuses on retention/creation of jobs and leveraging additional business investment in NW Oregon.

The Northwest Oregon Economic Alliance (NOEA) manages state-funded projects for Clatsop, Columbia and Tillamook counties.

The NW Oregon Area Commission on Transportation (NWACT) is the region?s transportation coordinating body, representing all forms of transportation and public and private sector interests. A major emphasis of NWACT is ensuring that the region?s transportation system supports economic development in the region.

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News & Announcements
  Col-Pac/NOEA to Meet September 13, 2018 at Stub Stewart State Park
The combined Col-Pac/NOEA Meeting will run from 10:00 am --12:00 pm at Stub Stewart State Park.  Focus of the meeting will be approval of the 2018--2023 NW Oregon Comprehensive Economic Developme Read More...
  NWACT to Meeting September 13, 2018 at Stub Stewart State Park
The meeting will run from 1:00 -- 3:30 at Stub Stewart State Park which is approximately 4 miles north of Hwy 26 on Hwy 47.  Guest speaker is Deena Platman with the Oregon Freight Advisory Commit Read More...
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