Emergency Small Business Grants

State of Oregon COVID-19 Emergency Business Grant Application

Western Washington County

The Oregon Legislature, in partnership with Governor Kate Brown and Business Oregon, has allocated state funds for the purpose of providing financial assistance to small businesses and non-profit organizations in NW Oregon that have been adversely affected by economic conditions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.  Business Oregon has allocated the funds to the Columbia-Pacific Economic Development District (Col-Pac), which will be administering the grants to businesses and non-profits in western Washington County:  Banks, Buxton, Cornelius, Forest Grove, Gales Creek, Gaston, Manning, North Plains and the surrounding unincorporated area.

These funds are available to businesses with 25 or fewer employees that meet one of the following criteria:

1.      They were either forced to shut down by state order, or

2.      They can demonstrate a 25% drop in gross revenue in a given month between March and August of 2020, compared to the same month 2019.

Documenting revenue reductions is necessary for successful applicants.

It is intended that these state funds are equally accessible to all Oregonians.  Outreach is being conducted to encourage applications from business owners of historically disadvantaged population groups (Asian, Black, Hispanic, Native American, and Women Owned Businesses).  Applications are available in English, Spanish, Korean, Russian, Chinese and Vietnamese.  Sole proprietor business owners are encouraged to apply as well.

Awards to eligible businesses will be made as a grant. The amount of the grant will be the greater of the following figures based upon a calculation for Full Time Equivalent (FTE) employment:

1)  Businesses with 2 or fewer FTE $5,000
2)  Businesses with 3 or more FTE $2,000 per FTE (cap of $50,000)

Application Deadline is October 19, 2020 at 5:00 pm.  Should the total amount of funds requested by eligible applicants exceed the total amount of grant funds available, a random selection process will be administered to determine grant awardees.  Grant funds are expected to be distributed by October 10, 2020.

For questions or additional information, please contact Mary McArthur at: mbmcarthur@nworegon.org

New Applicants:  Download the following application, and email it back to


State of Oregon COVID-19 Emergency Business Grant Application - Round 4 pdf Document

Businesses that have received a State of Oregon COVID-19 Emergency grant in the last 4 months:  Download the following Supplemental Application and email it back to