2010 -- 2013 STIP

The Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) is a Federally-required Capital Improvements Program for Statewide Transportation Modernization Projects.  It must include all Federally-funded projects and all regionally significant projects and covers a 4 year construction period. Updated every 2 years, NWACT is currently reviewing projects for the 2010--2013 funding cycle. While a recommendation by NWACT does not guarantee funding, it is the first step toward securing funding for a modernization project. NWACT’s recommendations are forwarded along with recommendations from other Area Commissions around the State.  Final project selection for the 2010-2013 cycle is made by the Oregon Transportation Commission and the Federal Highway Administration in late 2009.

Projects under review by NWACT include:

Region 1 -- Columbia and Washington Counties:
Staleys Junction.pdf pdf Document
Glencoe Interchange.pdf pdf Document
Swedetown Bridge.pdf pdf Document

Region 2 -- Clatsop and Tillamook Counties:
Hwy 101 Camp Rilea-Surf Pines (Glenwood Viillage).pdf pdf Document
Hwy 101 Bridge (Seaside).pdf pdf Document
Tillamook County  2010-2013 STIP Priorities.pdf pdf Document
Hwy 101 Manzanita Passing Lanes.pdf pdf Document
Hwy 101 Left Turns (Manzanita to Clatsop Line).pdf pdf Document
Hwy 101 & Blaine Rd (Beaver).pdf pdf Document
Hwy 101 Passing Lanes (Tillamook Co).pdf pdf Document
Hwy101 & Cedar St (Barview).pdf pdf Document