About Us

To encourage greater local participation in the State's transportation planning and project development process, the Oregon Transportation Commission has chartered regionally-based, advisory bodies called "area commissions on transportation."

The Northwest Oregon Area Commission on Transportation (NWACT) has been chartered to address Columbia, Clatsop, Tillamook, and the western portion of Washington counties transportation issues. NWACT serves as a standing committee of the NW Oregon Regional Partnership.

NWACT Functions

  • Forum to advance the public awareness and understanding of transportation issues
  • Prioritize aea modernization project recommendations for the Development STIP and Construction STIP
  • Make recommendations to ODOT regarding special funding opportunities and programs
  • Communicate and coordinate regional priorities with other ODOT regions and ACTS, the Governor's Econoimc Revitalization Team, Regional Partnerships and Regional Investment Boards and ODOT advisory committees
  • Advise on ODOT corridor plans or local transportation system plans (TSPs)
  • Advise the Oregon Transportation Commission (OTC) on State and regional policies affecting the transportation system.
    Logging Truck on U.S. 101 All work and interaction with the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) and the Oregon Transportation Commission (OTC) are the responsibility of NWACT.

Meetings are inclusive, open to the public and ADA-accessible.

NWACT Work Activities
  • Develop an understanding of ODOT programs and the effectiveness of each program within the region in meeting the area's transportation needs.
  • Select and prioritize regional, district, section and local transportation projects.
  • Educate local constituencies on transportation programs, funding and issues.
  • NWACT's workplan activities include:
    - Being informed on NW Oregon transportation needs/issues and proposed solutions
    - Prioritizing needs/issues and solutions for ODOT's Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) and Connect Oregon projects
    - Providing a forum for educational outreach and public involvement